HLP-A100 Series General Vector Drive

HLP-A100 Series is Holip new generation of general vector drive, with high reliablity, high environmental adaptablity, excellent user freiendliness and execellent control performance features. It can be widly applied to many industries such as plastics, texliles, machine tools, food packaging, printing, building materials, stone, wire drawing, glass, ball mills, environmental, overloading fan machinery, etc.

Power range : 0.37-3.7KW (single or three phase , 220V)

High Reliability

•       Long life design

•       Fan speed controllable

•       Strict design and test production system

High Environmental Adaptability

•       Independent wind way design

•       PCBA 100% coating coverage

•       Wide tooth pitch radiator

•       Easy cleaning and replacement fan

•       Provide IP5X options

•       Wide voltage range

•       High adaptability EMC characteristics

•       RFI switch

•       ≥37kW models built-in DC choke

•       Intelligent heating management system


Excellent User Friendliness

•       Easy operation

•       IO board customization

•       Smaller size

•       Multiple installation mode

HLP-B Series High Performance Vector Drive

HLP-B series is Holip new generation of high performance, multifunction vector drive based on Danfoss technology platform. It has four control modes: speed open-loop, speed closed-loop, process closed loop and torque open loop, can be widely applied to speed control of induction motors and synchronous motors. It has wobble, cascade and winder application functions. In order to meet different customer needs. HIP-6 series provide a wealth of expansion cards. 

AC 1PH 200V(-10%)~240V(+10%) 0.37~2.2kW
AC 3PH 200V(-10%)~240V(+10%) 0.37~3.7kW
AC 3PH 380V(-10%)~480V(+10%) 0.75~75kW

  • Use high-performance vector control algorithms, it has high speed precision and fast response;

  • Suitable for both asynchronous and synchronous motors speed control;

  • Book-type design, side by side mounting saves the user installation space;

  • Built-in simple PLC controller can achieve a variety of logic control;

  • Auto Energy optimization, automatically adjusts the drive output power according to the load to save energy;

  • ≥18.5kW models built-in DC reactor, effectively suppress harmonic current disturbance;

  • ≥30kW models dual capacity design;

  • Rich peripheral expansion card (IO expansion card, Copy card, PG card and CANopen card);

HLP-C100 series Mini Vector Drvie

HLP-C100 series is Holip new generation of high-guahty. hgh reliability mni drive, tailored specifically for small power motors, with a compact size and easy to use II can be widely used in food, packaging, knitting, engraving, washing, offset printing and shutter doors machinery, etc 

AC 1PH 200V(-20%)~240V(+10%) 0.37~1.5kW AC 3PH 200V(-20%)~240V(+10%) 0.37~1.5kW AC 3PH 380V(-20%)~480V(+10%) 0.75~2.2kW

  • Use advanced thermal simulation technology, with a compact size, saving installation space;

  • Independent wind way and easy replacement fan design;

  • Wide voltage range;

  • Use high-quality incremental potentiometer;

  • Different speed with different ramp time;

  • RFI switch;

  • One key to restore user parameters;

  • PCBA 100% coating coverage

  • Use standard Modbus protocol, easy to compose centralized control system

HLP-NV Series Multifunction Vector Drive

HLP-NV series drive is for the light industrial machinery market. Although its volume is small, but it has good performance and high reliability, coupled with a good user interface and sophisticated shape. It will bring you unexpected results

AC 1PH 200V(-10%)~240V(+10%) 0.18~2.2kW AC 3PH 200V(-10%)~240V(+10%) 0.25~3.7kW AC 3PH 380V(-10%)~480V(+10%) 0.37~22kW

•        Use vector control algorithms, has high torque at low speed;

•        Book-type design, side by side mounting saves the user installation space;

•        Compact, beautiful appearance;

•        Built-in electronic terminal relay (ETR);

•        ≥1.5kW models built-in breaking unit;

•        Built-in simple PLC controller can achieve a variety of logic control;

HLP-SK190 - Special Air Compressor Drive

HLP-SK190 serial is a special compressor product. It is applied to synchronous motor field in compressor market;

AC 3PH 380V(-20%)~480V(+10%) 7.5~415kW

  • Apply to control induction motors and permanent magnet synchronous motors

  • Unique synchronous motor control algorithm, precise static Automatic Motor Adaption(AMA) function, to ensure the high performance of permanent magnet synchronous motor control

  • Completed compressor control craft, not only to fully meet the overall compressor process control requirements, but also greatly simplifies system design

  • Automatic load compensation feature to ensure the stability of air pressure when the load fluctuation

  • Wide voltage rangeHigh adaptability EMC characteristics

  • ≥37kW models built-in DC reactor, improve system efficiency

  • Simple operation menu, powerful monitoring capability

HLP-SK200 Air Compressor Dual Drive

Applied to new industry trend; The product will save cost for compressor customer.

DC 3PH 380~480V -20%~+10%;

Simply fixture, Simply connection, Simply debug, Simply maintenance;

  • Pluggable connection mode for signal terminal, and there are stay design, not the anti-plug;

  • Control two difference power motor including fan motor and main motor;

  • Support two fixture type including cabinet type and wall mounting type;


Save cost for electronic control system

  • Support kinds of pressure and temperature signal, supply 220v power;

  • Support connecting system on the air compressor;

  • Save original external control system


Pluralism of control mode for customer terminal

  • Support internet remote control;

  • Support parallel control for many air compressor systems;

  • Support touch screen control;


Special craft control

  • Built-in DC-chock for all power range to increasing total efficiency

  • Multichannel analogue input 

  • Built-in compressor craft

  • Built-in synchronous motor control

  • Static automatic motor adaption funct

HLP-SL100 Series Crane Special Drive - AC 3PH 380V(-10%)~480V(+10%) 4.0~75kW

HLP-SL100 series special inverter is designed for hoisting and lifting industry. It adopts the advanced control theory and has the excellent torque control performance. Its complete control process can ensure the safe and reliable. It is widely used in lifting and hoisting machinery, such as hoisting, lifting, cart and swinging gear.

AC 3PH 380V(-10%)~480V(+10%) 4.0~75kW

  • Use high-performance vector control algorithms, it has high speed precision and fast response

  • Built-in crane specific functions:

  1. The time sequence of brake logic control and monitor function

  2. Speed up when load is light

  3. Slack rope detection

  4. Automatic upper and lower limit control

  5. Monitor the dangerous speed, stop rapidly and over-speed protection

  • Complete fault protection features, more than 30 kinds of system fault detection and protection to facilitate rapid diagnosis and troubleshooting

  • Book-type design saves the user installation space

  • Power and control terminals isolation ensures the safety of the control signal

  • ≥37kW models built-in DC reactor

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